A few words about me………

I am a textile designer by profession living in Singapore. Did my post graduation in Textile design from the National institute of design. Presently since 9 years living in Singapore.

What’s truly close to my heart is to go back to my country and do grass root level design work with the craftsmen who struggle to get their craft recognised sell and make a living and their ends meet.

My greatest and most frequent of my day dreams are of going back to the Nilgiri hills and working with the Toda & Kota tribes of Kotagiri. Bring out the craft in such a way they could benefit by the success of the products developed and sold worldwide. The challenge is to not really change the essence of the existing craft but very delicately handle the craft in such a way that its appealing to the world and people see it as a collector’s item. Lot of work needs to be done on this and this is one of my dream project which i intend to do. A few more dreams are around which needs to be scrutinized and done justice with.Will keep you all posted about my dreams and would love inputs from you all.

Aside from doing my design consultancies with various Home importers & textile manufacturing houses i have set up my Home textiles online product website


My products are selling currently all across the globe. The products are developed from India & China. Take a peek and help me promote my website by sharing it on your Facebook  or Pinterest page and if you like any item please feel free to click the buy button:)

Enjoy reading my Blog.

Smitha Nayar


4 thoughts on “A few words about me………

  1. Beautifully written. Go for your dreams. Any thing that i could do just drop a line. I would like to be with u on this. My kind of work in this world.

  2. You are inspirational !! Keep up the great work. Just know that you are admired by many and I am one of them.

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